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About Paw Pack

Emily lives in Northern Colorado with her husband, daughter, and their dogs, cat, and horses.  The loss of a childhood dog motivated her to adopt a dog and train him so that he wouldn’t run away or bark at every person. She adopted a pug, Scooter, who was known for his Houdini escape acts.  This began her twenty-year journey into dog training, learning, and competing.  Today, Paw Pack’s mission is to help you work with your dog so that you can build a rewarding life-long relationship.  Through succeeding at this, Paw Pack helps keep dogs out of shelters.  This is why Emily started Paw Pack and it’s why she provides quality, effective training at affordable rates.

There is no doubt that the best thing an animal trainer can do is to keep learning and growing skills.  

Author Maya Angelou summed it up best:  "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”  


For this reason, Emily participates in classes, workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities - to keep her toolbox as deep and wide as possible.  She considers herself a learning and behavior “geek”.  She combines science-based theory with real-life experiences to create practical solutions – from puppy training to behavioral issues to competition.


While we know that the concepts and theories of learning and behavior apply to all animals from humans to dogs to dolphins to honeybees and on and on, Emily believes that a cookie-cutter training plan doesn't work for every dog and family.  She looks at each dog-family relationship as a unique combination that requires a personal understanding of what the family wants, what the dog needs, and what can be done to achieve success for both.  Effectively using positive reinforcement, reducing stress and frustration, applying learning theory, and providing practical steps allows clients, both humans and dogs, to learn easily, with success, and enjoyment.  Emily aims to reduce frustration and to use plain language and analogies (and corny humor) to show families how their daily interactions with their dog are really mini-training moments that work far better than long training drills.


While Emily enjoys training and competing with her dogs (obedience, rally, tracking, nosework, and agility), she believes that dog training is more than a sport, a hobby, or a business.  Every moment spent training a dog is a moment that we are investing in that relationship; an investment with a return that is far sweeter than the stock market.

"Dogs have given us their absolute all.  We are the center of their universe.  We are the focus of their love and faith and trust.  They serve us in return for scraps.  It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. "  ~~Roger Caras 

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